Everton Park Post Office Closure – What you can do Now

Everton Park Post Office Closure

Australia Post has advised that they are about to close Everton Park Post Office. Along with many local residents, I am opposed to this decision. A post office is warranted to service the residents and businesses in the suburb of Everton Park.

Tim Mander has sponsored a petition to ask that Australia Post remain open or relocate as soon as possible in this suburb. This will be tabled in Federal Parliament in August, with a response then required by November.

PO Closure And Tim Mander's Petition

Please help us in this fight by signing the petition.

It is available:

We cannot stop the Post Office from leaving, but we can petition to get it back.

If you have a PO Box address, don't change the address. Keep it PO Box #, Everton Park QLD 4053 as it will make our case stronger.

Paper petitions must be responded to, where as electronic may never be acknowledged.

If you call Tim Mander’s office they can sign on behalf of you – if you can’t sign in person. All petitions need to be collected by 1st August as Tim will be sitting before a committee in Canberra on 9th August.

post office closure

We are a collection point as well. You can download your own copy of petition here : Copy of Petition


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  1. Donna Somerville
    Donna Somerville says:

    I use the post office at least once or twice a week.This is how we have been paying our bills since our retirement.I speak to a lot of other Everton park locals and they are very concerned as a lot of them are on their own and do not drive.

    • Jess Hicks
      Jess Hicks says:

      Yes, it’s very sad and there are many people who do the same as you, use the PO to pay bills. Let’s hope Tim and the community can help bring it back!


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