Pitch In To Reduce Litter

Brisbane City Council has a new community initiative encouraging everyone to pick up two pieces of litter per week, every week of the year, to keep 104 pieces of litter out of our streets, bushland and waterways.

Your help in picking up litter, combined with Council's litter bins and street cleansing, will make a big difference to keep Brisbane clean and our city litter-free.

The "104 or More" message highlights that this small weekly contribution equates to "104 or More" pieces annually - a significant contribution to a cleaner, greener Brisbane.

Village Buzz would like to congratulate one local resident who will have no trouble meeting the "104 or More" target, Rotarian Brian Strickland. Mr. Strickland independently runs a clean-up every week along local walkways and bikeways. The Aspley Rotary Club has embraced the initiative, with other Rotarians joining Mr. Strickland's crusade for a litter-free neighbourhood.

To ensure his Monday morning litter stroll was a carefree and enjoyable experience, Mr. Strickland made his own trolley bin that he wheels along with him, using tools to help collect items.

"My wife and I go for regular walks anyway and I find walking with a purpose to be an enriching experience," he said.

"I started with a plastic bag and spear, but for only a few dollars more, I was able to get this handy pick-up stick. My approach to picking up litter has evolved from there."

Simple things you can do to help

Keeping Brisbane clean, green and litter-free is something we can all do with simple actions. Here are some ways you can help.

Across Brisbane

  • Set a good example by not littering and picking up litter when you see it. By picking up two bits of litter every week, you can keep 104 or more bits of litter out of our streets, bushland and waterways each year.
  • Get involved in cleaning your local area by joining an existing community group or organising your own clean-up. You can contact Council for more advice about holding your own clean-up, or to find out about groups in your area.
  • Carry litter, cigarette butts and chewing gum until your find a bin. There are butt bins attached to most Council litter bins, or you can carry a reusable pocket ashtray.
  • Use street litter and recycling bins for small items only and not for business or household rubbish.
  • Register your business to become a community litter prevention partner and show your commitment to keeping your area litter-free. Email our Litter team to find out more.

In our parks

  • Take your rubbish home with you rather than leaving it in the park. Litter bins are in most parks to help you dispose of small amounts of rubbish only, not rubbish from events. Leaving bags of rubbish next to park bins is still littering.
  • Pick up after your dog and put the waste in a bin. Bags are offered in many dog parks to help you do this, but pet owners are required to carry their own bags for waste when in public areas.

Around your home

  • When cleaning your footpath, pick up rubbish instead of sweeping or hosing it into the gutters that lead to our stormwater drains.
  • Close wheelie bin lids to avoid waste overflowing and becoming litter. If you need wheelie bin repairs, contact Council.
  • Cover your trailer or ute tray when transporting rubbish or objects that may blow away and become road-side litter.
  • Only place large household items on the kerb for collection during your designated kerbside collection period. Items left on the kerb at other times contribute to untidy streets and is considered to be illegal dumping.
  • Report illegal dumping online or phone Council on 07 3403 8888 anytime.

Source: Brisbane City council and Quest News

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