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May Real Estate Market Review

Hello, I'm Mary Di Marco and I'd like to give you the market update for the areas surround our office on the north side of Brisbane.

The first area want to talk about is McDowall, the property that sold for the highest price during the month of May was 57 Hackman St., it sold for $726,000. Four properties sold during May in that area of the twenty six that were available.

McDowall is highly desirable for people that want to send their children to the schools that fall in that area. In particular, the Northside Christian College and the McDowall State School. Both have very good reputations and are highly regarded. Parents choose to move into the area for that reason.

As well McDowall has fabulous shops, good transport routes and has a good mix of older and newer houses.

The second area I like to update you on is Stafford Heights. Now, there was a property there Remick Street number 23 which said the record for that street it sold for $628,000. There were nine properties that sold in Stafford Heights during May of the 14 available for purchase.

Stafford Heights is a slightly older area. It has a combination of redevelopment sites as well as that, some of the properties have wonderful views to the city and again they are well served by bus routes in the area. There's a good number of schools that you can send your children to and there's quite a few shopping centres there available.

A lot of older people prefers to stay in the area, so some of the units coming online that's where they are moving into.

The next area is my favourite Everton Park, I lived in the area for 30 years and I loved it. The highest price paid for property in that area was in Turner Street. It was a large site and a development site because it falls within a community hub. Which means that it's 400 meters within having complexes shops, transports. That sold for 1 million dollars. The next highest price was a house that sold in Trouts Estate, number eight Heysen Street. That property sold for $710,000.

Trouts Estate always attracts very good prices for its properties and again its well regarded. It does fall close to the Northside Christian College. It has a good number of shops to choose from there are good bus routes around the area.

Of the properties available in May in Everton Park 18 homes sold.

The final property area, I'd like to talk about is Stafford. Stafford is an area that was develop probably in the 50s and 60s. It had a few industrial areas particularly the Tannery and Stafford Road. Once that moved out and the Woolworth Complex was developed it did start to see a regeneration in the area. A lots of unit are going up. It's well service by transport and again a lot of the community housing that was available has been sold off and some of those homes that got delightful views of the city.

The highest sale was $740,000 and that was 98 Byth Street. The properties available for purchase they were 51 of those 14 sold. The market at the moment, although some of those figures of availability don't indicate. It is actually seller's market. A lot of properties available particularly in Everton Park are units, and units are taking bit longer to move at the moment. Although good properties well presented always sell in any market.

The area that I want to talk to about was the fact that it is now a sellers market. In a sellers market it's usually indicative by, there are more buyers that come to inspect properties quite often offers are received on the first day. Generally more than one offer. And in most instances they are above the asking price, and properties usually go to contract within the first fourteen to twenty one days. If it doesn't, then the asking price is too high in general feedback from buyers.

Lovely speaking with you and I hope to see you in future. Thank you.


Highest Sale Price: - $726,000Lowest Sale Price: - $585,000
Properties Sold: -  4Properties on the Market: - 26
AddressBedBathCarLand SizeSale Price
57 Hackman St42 2815$726,000
9 Mayo St322592$635,000
29 Voigt St322713$585,000
1/11 Tuckeroo St321-$509,000


Highest Sale Price: - $740,000Lowest Sale Price: - $468,000
Properties Sold: -  14Properties on the Market: - 51
AddressBedBathCarLand SizeSale Price
98 Byth St

Street Record Price

109 Haig St221663$692,500
23 Leiper St311908$675,000
112 Armfield St312612$650,000
357 Stafford Rd1034400$630,000



Highest Sale Price: - $628,000Lowest Sale Price: - $474,000
Properties Sold:- 9Properties on the Market:-  14
AddressBedBathCarLand SizeSale Price
23 Remick St322620$628,000
20 Wyman St412731$600,000
7 Besson St424587$560,000
171 Appleby Rd311678$520,000
8 Wilgarning St211607$500,000



Highest Sale Price: - $1,000,000Lowest Sale Price:- $275,000
Properties Sold:-  18Properties on the Market:- 90
AddressBedBathCarLand SizeSale Price
25 Turner St

Street Record

8 Heysen St

Street Record  previous best $553000

10/137 Flockton St---123$700,000
118 Gordon Pde311809$671,000
4 White St322405$670,000

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