Hoshindo Dojo returns to Brisbane in triumph



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Glenn Stephenson Shihan, Chief Instructor of Seiwakai Gojuryu in Australia, Malwina Martin and Rod Martin.

We reported (Refer to previous article here) recently that members of the Hoshindo karate dojo were about to head for Japan for an annual karate training camp and to be grade. After an exhausting but hugely successful trip for training and belt grading in Omagari, Akita, Japan, all members of the touring party were awarded the belts they were aiming for and the women, particular, were triumphant.


village buzz everton park

Taking a break in training were, from left, Rod Martin, Malwina Martin, Maia Martin, Omigari locals Haruka and Kei Kato and Mia Anderson.

village buzz everton park

Hoshindo members Janine Boothroyd, left, and Mia Anderson Martin during their trip to Japan.

Malwina Martin excelled to become one of the few women to hold 5th Dan Black belt in Gojuryu Seiwakai whilst Dr Janine Boothroyd completed the test for her 4th Dan. Both women left little to chance as they trained 5 hours each day in the heat of summertime Japan for a gruelling 6 days. Then in front of a panel of peers from around the world, both women performed their Kata under the watchful eye of Seiichi Fujiwara Shihan. After finishing the grading with ferocious kumite (sparring) both women were exultant as they passed the tests and were awarded their new grades.


Maia Martin and two young fans who are pupils in Seiichi Fujiwara Shihan’s karate school.

Also successful were Maia Martin (2nd Dan black belt) and Mia Anderson (1st Dan), who also went on to pass her 1st Dan in the All Japan Karatedo Federation (JKF) Gojukai.


Chief Instructor Rod Martin could barely contain his excitement for the girls of Hoshindo as they excelled in what was previously a Male dominated sport. Rod Shihan says he is more happy with this than passing his own 6th Dan Grading in the JKF Gojukai in Wakayama city.


Maia Martin (2nd Dan) and Luke Morrison (1st Kyu) went on to compete in the National Championships in Australia after the training in Japan and both reached the quarter finals. Dojo members are proud of their efforts are proud of their efforts.

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